SG Next Level is a company based in Bed-Stuy creating equity in tennis for girls of color through high-quality affordable programming and consulting, equipping them to attend college on a tennis scholarship; while connecting people to the life-changing sport of tennis.

Some of our goals include creating affordability, making the sport more inclusive, and increasing access to the sport to help people live a healthier life. Come check us out and let us bring your game to the next level 🎾🏆.

SG Next Level Tennis was founded to empower, educate, motivate and build character in kids through the sport of tennis.

Isis Gill-Reid is a Dual Division One Athlete in tennis and track, with a passion for finance and getting kids of color college scholarships. Previously ranked top 150 in the country from G12's to 18s, as well as top 15 in the Eastern Section. Winner of multiple national doubles tournaments, and ITF Finalist. Isis is perfect for beginner, intermediate, and high-performance kids, as well as intermediate and advanced adults. Looking to take your game to the next level, you've come to the right place. Come book with Isis Gill, and get fit. enjoys helping her students grow physically and mentally. In addition, Isis loves discovering who her students are because she believes it matters the most. She is really great for high-performance teens and intermediate to advanced players who want to level up in their match play. Isis's top pro-tip is to take a deep breath in between points, restructure, reset, and fight till the end.


“Coach Isis has brought my game to another level. I have been a competitive tennis player for a while and have had a variety of coaches. Coach Isis has been the best by far. She has been able to quickly see my bad habits that my other coaches did not see and work on changing them. She makes me not only work hard on the court but off the court as well. Coach Isis has me think about what I’ve learned and what I need to work and write everything down. She demands hard work and motivation. Coach Isis wants to see me succeed and is a positive influence on my game and my life.”
—Isabella Saul
“She communicates well with my daughter, and has improved her game tremendously”
— Cristella Jean